Below and Beyond addition to push boundaries of Surviving Mars

In March 2018, publishing house Paradox Interactive released the Surviving Mars urban planning strategy, which Haemimont Games studio worked on. And during the show, Paradox Insider 2021 unexpectedly announced that another team, Abstraction Games. No major updates to the game have been released since the developer change.

And now the creators have announced the Below and Beyond extension, which is designed to extend the boundaries of Surviving Mars. As the name stated, the Mars development process now moves into the distance and inland.

Players can reach caves full of mysteries, find new resources, and build underground bases and buildings in caves or directly into the planet. But we will have to be considered with the risk of collapse.

In addition, we will be allowed to build special buildings equipped with rocket engines. They will be able to gather resources from the nearest asteroids, including exotic minerals and data samples.

Asteroids do not stand still, so the construction along with the catch must be returned to Mars. New technologies, buildings and improvements will be available for research.

Asteroid mining and tunnel colonization will have to be studied too. Its possible to get on September 7: Below and Beyond will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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