“Bender: Inception” sequel with Sergei Bezrukov will be released as early as July

A trailer for the film Bender: Gold of Empire with Sergei Bezrukov continuing the events of Bender: Beginning appeared on the network. The events of the story of the past tape developed up to 12 chairs & raquo; and the Golden Helier, when young idealist Osya confronted the con artist Ibrahim Bender — together they started hunting for the king‘s rose. In the new picture, the heroes appear to be continue their pursuit as they try to get the relic, but they are again hindered by enemies — old and new.

Interestingly, less than a month between the releases of the two tapes — first picture appeared on 24 June, while the second film will be released on July 15. At the same time, Beginning has collected nearly 42 million rubles, and is now at number nine of the top films in Russian cinemas.

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