Berghuis: ‘All over your back and the whole of the Netherlands looks along with it, sometimes rather heavy’

The headline is off for Steven Berghuis, who made his unofficial home debut on behalf of Ajax on Wednesday night. The left leg didn‘t want to be distracted too much by all the fuss around his remarkable transfer.
Berghuis himself thought he was well taken care of, he told Ziggo Sport when asked. โ€œI have to say, did not disappoint. But in the end, I have to show it on the field,โ€ said the Apeldoorner, who once again stressed that he thought carefully about his transfer. โ€œTake the time, with the people around you. Of course, my family has to support it, my parents, people who have been important to me all my life.โ€
Berghuis has always continued to emphasize that his choice for Ajax was based on sporting grounds: he wants to leave all the unrest behind him. โ€œIt’
s talked about every day: that‘s about you and you can hardly respond to it,โ€ says the left leg. โ€œThat’s all about your back and the whole of the Netherlands looks along with it. Sometimes it‘s pretty tough. But in the end, you try to stick to when you go to the field and the people you work with. And Ajax made me really fantastic.โ€
In any case, Berghuis was not too much addressed by new and old team mates for his high-profile transfer. โ€œPlagued in the locker room? No, not actually at all. Between players, it’
s really a bit easy,โ€ it sounds. โ€œI really feel like my new teammates are happy to be there.โ€

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