Berghuis: Its up to the coach how he wants to use my qualities

Steven Berghuis had to make his appearance faster than expected in the Dutch national team‘s Nations League match against Poland. The midfielder was among the stars in Warsaw on Thursday.
“You don’
t expect it,” says Berghuis at DecceIT about his rapid fall after Teun Koopmeiners‘ injury. “You’re actually relaxing watching that game. When it just happened, I saw a bit from Teun‘s reaction that it was serious. Then you warm up and after one or two minutes you see the switch sign. Then you know what time it is. It’s about adjusting, because you‘re focusing more on the second half.”
Berghuis immediately claimed a leading role against Poland. “I think it started really well. We are creating good opportunities and I was always playable. At some point, after 0-1, you enter a phase where we are sloppy a few times, that we sit a bit between playing around or continuing to create. But all in all, a good match. We weren’
t in trouble.”
Berghuis was somewhat disappointed with his reserve role, but did not take too long. “The national coach is clear about that from the moment you enter. He is still watching and trying compositions. Then you have to show it when you get in.” In Orange, the Ajacied often plays a little further backwards. “There is room for development for myself, though,” he says about his role. “You have certain qualities and it‘s up to the coach how he wants to use them. I’m a creative person, I like to play ball and play ahead. That‘s what I’m trying to bring.”
Berghuis left some back problems during the game in Warsaw, but expects to be able to play against Belgium again.

A different preparation than usual = playing a match that is nothing wrong with. #POLNED
—CCEIT Football (@ CCEITfootball) September 22, 2022