Berghuis screenshot came from Feyenoord debutant Valk: ‘I regret a lot’

Nineteen-year-old Sem Valk made his official debut on behalf of Feyenoord on Thursday evening: against Maccabi Haifa he was allowed to play along for more than half an hour as a replacement for Marcos Senesi. Prior to this season, he was in the spotlight for very different reasons.
The much-discussed screenshot of Steven Berghuis who left the Feyenoord group app โ€” which put the phone numbers of Jens Toornstra and Bryan Linssen on the street, among others โ€” came from Valk. โ€œThat‘s something that happened in the preseason, which I’d like to leave behind and that I regret a lot,โ€ he responds to ESPN, when the conscious screenshot comes up. โ€œI apologized to the group, who accepted it. Fortunately, we can go on well now.โ€
Half a year later, Valk is officially allowed to call himself Feyenoorder, after his first race minutes in the main force. โ€œHow I imagined it? As it went now, actually. Just a pity that it was without an audience, of course, it had completely finished that. No further comments or comments, in the first few minutes.โ€