‘Berghuis went great spin ning in Orange after the first twenty minutes’

Frenkie de Jong was one of the best players on the side of Orange in the 4-0 won World Cup qualifier against Montenegro. That says Kees Kist, former international and rapporteur on behalf of De Cceit.
The FC Barcelona midfielder gets a 7.5 by Kist for his performance at the Philips Stadium. โ€œThats how we want to see a midfielder, huh,โ€ says the former scorer in De Cceit. โ€œI just see Frenkie being happy in the field when hes at the ball. He gives through passes, picks up the ball when needed, and is involved in everything. The Orange players like to give him the ball as well. Just pay attention to that. He is now the complete footballer for me.โ€
Steven Berghuis was also able to delight the AZ icon. According to Kist, the Ajacied responded well to the criticism he took after the match against Norway (1-1). โ€œFor the first twenty minutes, I was afraid it didnt work out, but then he went a great spin. He also has a lot of clever and tight passes that arrive. An outdoor player who can set many people free for the goal. I enjoy his great left leg.โ€