Beta testing to begin soon in The Eternal Cylinder evolutionary survivor

Chilean independent studio ACE Team, known for Rock of Ages and Zeno Clash, released a gameplay video of its adventure survivor The Eternal Cylinder. It once again showed the beginning of the game, and those following the project can compare the latest version with similar ones from 2015 and 2019. The Eternal Cylinder takes place in an unusual setting: on the planet, on which from time to time a giant cylinder is rolled, killing everything alive and destroying everything else.

Only those who will manage to escape can survive at the same time. And in short periods of rest, our playable planet dwellers mutate, trying to improve their chances of survival.

The studio announced that it is soon planning to begin closed beta testing of The Eternal Cylinder. Those wishing to participate in it can leave a request on the official website, and the lucky ones will be able to get acquainted with the same first episode of the game personally.

But the makers intend to release The Eternal Cylinder this year. More on Igamania Shamanskaya roller The Way of Wrath will be released on Nintendo Switch Exit My Time at Sandrock in early access postponed Peak online Russian Loop Hero on Steam exceeded 32 thousands of people.