Betrayal in the Arctic โ€” Dread Hunger to leave Early Access on November 10

Digital Confectioners Publishers and developers from Dread Hunger Team announced that Dread Hunger Co-op Survivor will soon be released from early access on Steam โ€” This will happen on November 10th. Dread Hunger is a game about betrayal and survival. Players assume the roles of eight explorers, two of whom become traitors and crack down on the rest of the squad.

By the way, you can do this in quite a variety of ways, from banal poisoning to blood magic spoilage. But betrayal and murder are not the only things that can be done Boast about Dread Hunger.

Players must also take care of their own well-being by making fire, fighting off predators and getting food. You can also control the ship here โ€” dont miss the opportunity! Also, the developers showed a trailer for the fresh โ€œBad Medicineโ€ update, which added a new character, weapon system, AI model, and achievements to the game.

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