Bewilderment in ESPN studio after PEC-RKC: ‘One lucky: other team even worse ‘

PEC Zwolle and RKC Waalwijk did not exactly entertain the viewers and analysts of De Eretribune on Saturday night. Partly because Daishawn Redan overshot a penalty kick high, ‘the worst game of the season’ received a 0-0 final score.
In the ESPN studio, it was soon concluded that the worst game of the Eredivisie season was played Saturday night in Zwolle so far. โ€œSuch a penalty is the beginning of your documentary, if you will soon be demoted,โ€ Algemeen Dagblad journalist Sjoerd Mossou let himself be discharged. โ€œNot that little about it too, huh?โ€ , added Arnold Bruggink, aiming at Redan‘s miss. โ€œThis was real…โ€
The interview with Mustafa Saymak also aroused strange. The attacking midfielder is normally the first penalty take, but he said it had cramps at his foot and left it to Redan. โ€œCramp in his foot. I’
ve had cramps everywhere, but in my foot… โ€œ, says Kwakman. โ€œHe explains it nicely, but PEC had one lucky: that there was a team on the field that was twice as bad.โ€