Beyond Good and Evil 2 became the main long-term construction instead of Duke Nukem Forever

Beyond Good and Evil 2, which Ubisoft is still working on, is now rightfully considered the industrys largest long-term AAA game project. Before her, shooter Duke Nukem Forever took the lead. Recall that the first announcement of the sequel to Beyond Good and Evil took place as early as 2008.

At the same time, the original game was released in 2003. To date, the sequel still does not even have an approximate release date, and fans have been waiting for 5,237 days.

As for the long-suffering Duke Nukem Forever, the game still It was released in 2011, after its announcement in 1997. She stayed in production hell for 5,156 days.

In August this year, it became known that Beyond Good and Evil 2 had found a new lead screenwriter, and in May, the development team was looking for a senior animator gameplay. In addition, Ubisoft itself has previously called the game โ€œone of its most ambitious projects to date.

โ€ According to Bloomberg, Beyond Good & Evil 2, after so many years, is still is in pre-production, and insider Tom Henderson previously reported that external testing of the project could have begun in July, but no details were available. In August, Henderson released a new An article about Beyond Good and Evil 2, in which he said that the game needs more years of development.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 was almost canceled in early 2019. What hell did you play the game in? We recommend reading the investigation by French journalists.

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