Bezos and Dutchman (18) make ‘indescribable’ flight in space

Billionaire Jeff Bezos has successfully reached space. The rocket of Bezosaerospace company Blue Origin rose to Texas at 3.11 p.m. Dutch time and reached 106 kilometers altitude at 3.15 p.m. About seven minutes later, the New Shepard capsule landed back in the Texas desert.

Bezos spoke cheeringly, with his thumbs up, of โ€œhis best day everโ€ after landing.

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Jeff Bezos himself, his brother Mark, the 82-year-old NASA Wally Funk flight instructor and Dutch teenager Oliver Daemen were weightless about three minutes before returning to Earth.

Daemen called post-landing flight โ€œA life-changing experienceโ€. โ€œEvery second of this flight was indescribably intense. The view of Earth from space is unforgettable.โ€

He also realized how โ€œimmensely vulnerableโ€ our planet is. โ€œI now realize better than ever that we need to be extremely economical on Earth. I want to contribute intensively to that,โ€ says Daemen.

An overview of the entire space journey and joy afterwards can be found here:

The Blue Origin flight is the first manned. The New Shepard rocket has been tested fifteen times, but without humans. That made the launch extra exciting.

18-year-old Daemen managed to get a seat in the New Shepard Space Capsule through an auction. The highest bidder, who offered 23 million euros, could not help, making the choice for Daemen. What his father and he paid for the flight was not disclosed.

Astronaut Andrรฉ Kuipers is excited about Daemen’s flight:

Bezos‘ fellow billionaire Richard Branson managed to reach space last Sunday. Branson’s Virgin Galactic spaceship Unity then reached 80 kilometers high, according to NASA the border for space. The International Aerospace Organization FAI uses the Kรกrmรกn line, 100 kilometres above Earth, as the boundary of space.