Biden calls after almost month with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Almost a month after his inauguration, US President Biden made a first call to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. They discussed, among other things, the coronacrisis, Iran and the strengthening of military cooperation. According to Biden, it was โ€œa good conversationโ€.

It is unusual for a new US president to wait so long with the Prime Minister of Israel, an important ally of the United States. Israeli media has already expressed concerns about the seemingly cooled relationship with Washington.

With the phone call, that cold seems to be slightly out of the sky. Netanyahu‘s office distributed a photo of the Israeli Prime Minister on the phone. According to a statement by the Israelis, it was a โ€œwarm and friendlyโ€ conversation, which lasted an hour.

Atomic Agreement

According to Netanyahu’s ministry, the two leaders discussed, among other things, the possible development of nuclear weapons by Iran, the fight against covid-19, and the desire to conclude further peace agreements between Israel and Arab countries. Netanyahu said earlier that he wants to persuade Biden not to revive the nuclear agreement with Iran.

According to sources from AP news agency around the US government, Biden has kept contact with Netanyahu for so long as he wanted to consult with European allies on the course to be followed with regard to Iran.