Biden does not want to escalate tensions with Russia, advocates summit in Europe

US President Biden wants his country and Russia to work on improving relations, even though yesterday the US announced new sanctions against the Russians due to a major hacking operation last year. According to Biden, this was a โ€œproportionate reactionโ€.

The President stressed in a press conference that the US does not want to launch a โ€œcycle of escalation and conflict with Russiaโ€. โ€œWe want a stable, predictable relationship. But if Russia continues to interfere in our democracy, I am ready to take further action.โ€

Yesterday, the US decided to deposition ten Russian diplomats, among other things, because of a hack involving US government agencies. The sanctions are also a response to Russia‘s alleged attempt to influence last year’s US elections.

Summit in Europe

Biden called his Russian counterpart Putin last week. In that conversation, the two leaders agreed that good communication with each other is essential.

โ€œ I have therefore proposed to organise a summit in Europe this summer. Our teams are now investigating the possibilities. We can tackle global challenges, but they do require us to work together,โ€ said Biden. He mentioned the nuclear threat from Iran and North Korea, the coronacrisis and tackling climate change. In which country Biden would like to hold the summit, it was not clear.

Putin has not yet responded to the invitation to a summit in Europe. Whether he goes into it is only the question. Yesterday, the Russian Foreign Ministry reacted furiously to the sanctions and declared them unacceptable. Also, the Russians announced a โ€œsharp reactionโ€.