Biden elects ambassadors for NATO, Mexico and Israel

President Joe Biden has announced who he wants to defend US interests with NATO, neighboring Mexico and ally Israel. The White House also announced names for Sri Lanka, Gambia, Paraguay, Costa Rica and Guinea. The Senate has yet to agree to it.

In the week Biden first attended a NATO summit in Brussels, he chose security expert Julianne Smith as a representative to NATO. Thomas Nides, former top banker and deputy minister of foreign affairs becomes ambassador to Israel, where a new government has just been installed.

In Mexico, Ken Salazar, a former Senator from Colorado, is allowed to involve the U.S. Embassy. The South Neighbor is one of the largest trading partners in the US. There are quite a few migration issues to solve.

Many other ambassador appointments are still waiting. The Washington Post previously wrote that Bidens network consists of large proportions of white men, while there is a need to look outside that group as well. In the US, it is used to award a quarter of the approximately 190 ambassador posts to political allies and friends of the president.