Biden gives optimistic first speech for Congress: ‘America resurrect’

President Biden used his first speech to the US Congress as a pitch for his ambitious plans. “America resurrects” after the great coronacrisis, said an optimistic Biden. He sees this as the perfect moment to invest another 1800 billion dollars for families and education.

America was a country in crisis when he took up, so Biden said. “The American house was on fire.” But almost a hundred days later the country is “moving again.” With the successful roll-out of vaccines, much has changed and improved, Biden said “We are turning dangers into possibilities. Crises in opportunities and setbacks in strength.”

Biden gave his speech to a room that was army than usual. Corona allowed only about 200 congressmen and other guests to be present. Also, there were not the traditional personal guests who traditionally invite presidents to reinforce their story. The speech is officially not a State of the Union, because Biden has only been president for a short time.

Biden used his speech to convince the Americans of the big plans he wants to get through Congress after the corona aid package. He spoke of the major infrastructure plan to improve roads, bridges, broadband Internet and much more. According to Biden, it‘s gonna generate thousands of jobs


American Families Plan

As expected, he also announced his American Families plan here. Biden wants to invest another 1800 billion dollars for economic support. For example, money must go to education, childcare and families will receive tax cuts. The plan must combat inequality and boost the economy. The plan has to be paid by raising taxes for higher incomes.

The investment is necessary, says Biden, if America wants to continue to lead the world in the future. “We are in direct competition with China and other countries to win the 21st century.” China will do everything in its power to pass America, Biden warned.

While the Democrats continued to clap enthusiastically, the Republicans held their arms together. They don’t like all those expenses. Previously, Biden spent 1900 billion dollars on the corona aid package, without the support of Republicans. He also wants to get a 2000 billion infrastructure plan through Congress.

The Republican Senator of South Carolina Tim Scott gave the traditional response to the President‘s speech. Scott is seen as one of the rising stars in the party. He expressed his party’s reservations about the big expenses Biden wants to make. “Our future will not be better by a Washington plan or socialist dreams. That future will only be better by you, the American people.”

Stricter arms legislation

Biden also spoke of stricter arms legislation, the role of the police, and immigration. He did a helping hand to Republicans. “Let‘s stop our exhausting fight about immigration,” Biden said. And, so he said, if his plans were not approved by Congress, “let’s at least look at what we agree on.”

But Republicans mainly saw the critical notes Biden posted about the previous president. Biden also called the storming of the capitol by Trump supporters “the biggest attack on our democracy since the civil war.” Tim Scott warned in the response on behalf of the Republicans that Biden is causing more division.