Biden Government to Supreme Court to Reverse Texas Abortion Law

The US government moves to the Supreme Court to reverse the tightened Texas abortion law. According to Justice Minister Garland, the law โ€œblatantlyโ€ violates the Constitution. The supreme judges previously refused to declare the strict law illegal, but then did not test him against the Constitution. That‘s going to happen now.

The law came into force in early September and stipulates, among other things, that women should no longer have abortion if the embryo heartbeat is heard. That’s often after six weeks of pregnancy. No exception is made for incest or rape pregnancies.

Since then it has been attempted to get the law off the table with varying degrees of success, but yesterday the Texas Court ruled again that the law could remain afloat. That means Texan women who want an abortion have to move to another state.

Texas has about twenty abortion clinics. Some will have to close if the law remains in force for a while. The Justice Department spokesman did not say when the government resigns the case with the Supreme Court.