Biden is a strong new abortion law in Texas, calls it outrageous

President Joe Biden has sharply condemned the new abortion law introduced in Texas today. Under the new law, abortion is only possible under very strict conditions.

Biden called it an extreme law and an โ€œundeniable violationโ€ of constitutional rights. He promised that his government will do everything to protect the constitutional right to abortion.

โ€œThe Texas law will significantly impede womens access to healthcare, particularly for communities of color and low-income people,โ€ Biden said in a statement. He called it โ€œoutrageousโ€ that citizens, like a sort of snitch, are given the opportunity to initiate lawsuits against anyone who helps or supports a woman in abortion.

10,000 dollars

The law states that people who support an illegal abortion must pay a $10,000 premium to the person who declares them. This applies not only to the doctors who perform the abortion, but also to someone who drives a woman to a clinic, pays an abortion, or even relatives who provide mental support.

โ€œThe kind of people who are going to take these lawsuits is already seeing my employees every day,โ€ says Amy Hagstrom Miller of the Whole Womans Health abortion clinic, with four branches in Texas, to CNN. โ€œThey yell at them on their way to work, they know their names, they know what car theyre driving in, so this isnt new to our employees and doctors.โ€

According to Hagstrom Miller, the clinics worked late to help as many women as possible before the deadline. The last abortion took place at 11:56pm at a clinic in Fort Worth.


Opponents of abortion also noted this. For example, Republican representative Shelby Slawson wrote on Facebook that she had to โ€œannounce with great grief that in Texas some were trying to end as many unborn lives as possible before the clock hit midnight.โ€

Proponents of abortion expect the new law to make more women try to abort on their own, with all the consequences. Many women in Texas cant afford to travel to another state to end their pregnancy.