Biden presents world vaccine plan: ‘The US leads the world out of this pandemy’

US President Biden has announced his plans to help the coronavirus out of the world. The United States is going to purchase 500 million doses of Pfizer/BionTechs corona vaccine to donate to developing countries. Yesterday, this plan leaked largely.

Biden presented his world vaccine plan during a visit to British Prime Minister Johnson, on the eve of a G7 summit, the group of seven major Western economies. That is where the global fight against the coronavirus will be at the top of the agenda. According to Biden, the other G7 countries will join the US donation plans.

The US as an arsenal of vaccines will lead the world in this fight, Biden said. The purchase of half a billion vaccines he called a huge step to save lives. Corona is the enemy of world peace. We will therefore give out pricks until the world has defeated the virus.

On the side of Biden stood the top man of pharmaceutical company Pfizer, the Greek Albert Bourla. He thanked Biden for his leadership shown, which could save lives. We have already achieved a lot in developing countries, but there is still much work to do. Therefore, the eyes of the world will be focused on the leaders of the G7 countries in the coming days.

The 500 million corona vaccines will be donated through the Covax. This programme, which was set up by the World Health Organization, should ensure that rich and poor countries have equal access to vaccines. At the end of February, the first Covax vaccines were delivered to Ghana.

First foreign trip

Biden is a week in Europe, Bidens first foreign trip. In addition to the G7 summit, he also visits NATO countries consultations and has a meeting with Russian President Putin in Geneva in Switzerland.

The two Heads of Government agreed to sign a new Atlantic Charter to underline the close link between the United Kingdom and the United States. That name refers to the historic agreement signed by President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill in 1941, setting objectives for a post-World War II world.

The new Altantian Charter must lay down plans for the recovery of the world after the coronapandemic.