Biden signs decrees on mouthcap duty and climate agreement

The new American President Joe Biden signed a number of decrees immediately upon arrival at the White House, with which he wants to undo his predecessors policy. They were waiting for him in the Oval Office.

Biden began by setting up a personal cap duty for visitors to federal buildings. Then a decree ordered the United States to reinstate the Paris Climate Agreement.

He also withdrew presidential consent for the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline and took steps to put an end to the ban on traveling to the US from some Islamic countries.

Letter from Trump

The new president also signed a decree to prevent the expulsion of immigrants who came to the US as a child. He also ended the state of emergency, freeing money for the border wall with Mexico. In total, Biden signed fifteen decrees.

On his desk, Biden also found a letter from Trump. Biden did not want to tell him what his predecessor had written to him, but he did say that Trump had shown himself very generous.