Biden wants to deprive ‘whimsical’ Trump of access to classified information

If its up to US President Biden, his predecessor Donald Trump will no longer have access to secret intelligence reports. It is customary for former presidents to have that authority.

In his first TV interview since his inauguration, Biden made it clear that his privilege is taken from Trump. โ€œI dont think its necessary for him to be able to see these briefings,โ€ Biden said to CBS News. โ€œWhats the point of that, except that he may accidentally leak something?โ€

In the interview, which is traditionally broadcast on Sunday night just before the Super Bowl, the American president points out the โ€œwhimsical behaviorโ€ of his predecessor:

The White House spokesman said earlier this week that the government is looking at the issue. The chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, Democrat Adam Schiff, is one of the people in Washington calling for Trumps access to the briefings. โ€œI dont think he can be trusted with it, not now and not in the future.โ€

Next week in the Senate, the second trial trial against Trump will begin. He wont testify to that himself, got out yesterday.