Biden wins, but Trump says he doesnt. Now what?

What happened?

Why does Trump want to go to court?

While the votes were still being counted, President Trump was already clear. โ€œSTOP THE COUNT, โ€œhe tweeted. In other words, stop counting. He thinks there was cheating during the elections in the United States.

All this has to do with votes cast by post. Because of corona, not everyone could go to a polling station to vote, and so many people sent their ballots in an envelope.

From the very beginning, Trump has been saying that there is fraud through these postal votes. And that idea was only strengthened for Trump when he lost his broad head start in a number of American states.

What about that?

In a number of key states, Trump was well ahead at the beginning of the count. Thats because of the order of counting the votes. Many polling stations first counted the votes of people who were physically cast at that office and only then the postal votes.

Many people who voted for Joe Biden did so by post and so the votes for the democratic candidate were counted last. People who voted for Trump did it more often at a polling station.

So it seemed that Trump was well ahead in some places, but eventually he was overtaken by Biden. And thats when he said, โ€œStop counting.โ€

Trump says that many of those postal votes that came in later arent fair or real. For example, he says that there are votes from people who have already died, signatures have been forged and people from his party were not welcome to monitor the count of the votes.

Is Trump right?

So, according to the president, all sorts of things went wrong, but so far there is no evidence of that. Thats what Trump calls voting with the post โ€œa corrupt system.โ€


lot of research has been done on postal voting. In the last twenty years there were very few (0.0004 percent) unreliable votes. Researchers and experts therefore say that what Trump says is based on nothing. Its just part of his strategy, they say.

Does Trump have a chance with the judge?

Lawyer Kenneth Manusama, who knows everything about the American justice system, thinks the odds are small. โ€œThey try to expose all sorts of minor irregularities and thus make a leap to the claim: there has been massive fraud. But given the evidence, its doubtful,โ€ says Manusama.

There are only one or two incidents known so far, says Manusama. โ€œFor example, an attempt was made to vote extra with a ballot issued by a deceased person. In this case, that was a Trump supporter. Out of the ten million votes, this happens about once or twice. But those people will then also be caught.โ€

The maximum number of votes ever reversed in American history in this way is just over 1200. โ€œThats not going to make a difference,โ€ says Manusama. According to the latest counts, Biden has more than 4.5 million votes than Trump.

And what about that counting the postal votes? In Pennsylvania, for example, later votes received could still be counted. But the judges have looked at that several times, and said its okay. Manusama: โ€œThe rules on this matter have been approved in advance and are established. And they have not yet been violated anywhere.โ€

Another claim of Trump is that his people were not allowed to watch the counting of the votes. He hasnt come up with evidence for that either. However, there was rather discussion about the distance at which these observers were allowed to stand. In some states, this was about ten meters, but that distance was reduced after Trumps trial. โ€œThe judge specifically said that they may be closer, but that does not mean that they can question the validity of the notes. The ballot itself is already judged by three people: a Republican, a Democrat and an independent person,โ€ says Manusama.

Hows it going now?

An important deadline is December 14th. In that case, the electors from the various states have to make the result final. So Trump has until then to come up with evidence that the results are wrong.