Bidens dog Major bites again an employee of the White House

The youngest dog of American President Biden, the German shepherd Major, has bitten an employee of the White House. That happened earlier this week when he was out.

The employee was not injured. He was checked by the medical department just to be safe and then returned to work, said the spokesman for Biden‘s wife Jill.

White House employees said earlier this month that Major is more likely to show unwanted behavior against them. That was after another bite incident. Even then, Major was the perpetrator.

He and the other shepherd, Champ, were then sent to the Bidens house in Delaware for a behavioral training.

Major is a sweet dog, said Biden after the first bite incident. That he bit someone was because he suddenly saw two strangers when he went around a corner. “There were two people he doesn’t know and they want to protect you,” says Biden.

Champ has been with the Bidens since 2008. Major was taken out of a shelter by them three years ago.