Bids landed in UK for first presidential visit to Europe

US President Joe Biden has arrived in the United Kingdom tonight. During his first presidential foreign trip to Europe, he will take part in the NATO Summit in Brussels and meet with British Queen Elizabeth and his Russian counterpart Putin. He is also expected to announce a coronavaccination plan for the world.

Biden and his wife Jill arrived with Air Force One at a military base in Suffolk, where they visit the American military stationed there. Tomorrow, the President of the United States will speak to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson near Cornwall. A G7 summit will take place there from Friday to Sunday, with members of the group of seven major economies.

After arriving, Biden addressed military personnel at Mildenhall Air Base:

Biden is expected to announce that the United States is donating 500 million doses of the PFIZER/Biontech Coronavaccin to other countries. According to American media, these vaccines are shared with 100 countries. The first 200 million doses are expected this year, the rest in 2022.

Biden concludes his visit to the UK with a meeting with the British Queen at Windsor Castle near London. On Monday, the President will then take part in the NATO Summit in Brussels, where he will meet European leaders. Two days later, on Wednesday, a long-awaited conversation with Russian President Putin is scheduled, after which Biden returns to Washington.