Bids: Putin is a murderer

US President Joseph Biden finds Vladimir Putin “a murderer”, so he argues Wednesday in an interview with ABC News.

He says his Russian colleague will “pay the price” for a Kremlin disinformation campaign in the White House battle last year. In doing so, he seems to announce a new burst of sanctions.

The interview follows one day after the publication of a 15-page intelligence report in which the US states that Russia and Iran have been guilty of attempting to influence the 2020 presidential election.

Russia allegedly attempted to undermine Bidens candidacy with “misleading and unfounded claims” through US media and government officials and Trumps minions. Iran had her arrows pointed at Trump.


Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov calls the allegations unfounded and stated that there is no evidence for them. They would also further worsen relations between the two powers. “Such material is only used as an excuse to get a new round of sanctions on the agenda,” says Putins mouthpiece.

Bids seems unwilling to warm up relations with Putin, and in the interview he raised a memory of an earlier meeting with the Russian head of state. “I said I looked into his eyes and saw that he had no soul.”

This is in contrast to President Bush, who in 2001 thought he saw a soul in Vladimirs blue eyes at the very beginning of Putins rule. Anonymous sources from the government of Biden told CNN that new sanctions could be announced next week.

Great danger

By the way, Russian interference in the elections, which has been a split agaric between Democrats and Republicans since 2016, is not the only reason for a reaction from Washington. By 2020, hackers from the Russian group Cozy Bear would have been able to watch through the systems of government agencies and large companies in the US for months through a polluted software update.

With the Ministry of Energy and the National Authority for Nuclear Safety as victims, national security was in great danger.

There has been a huge shift in the White House now that Joe Biden is in power, says foreign editor Frank van Vliet in the Amerikapodcast Uncle Joe — a look at the US: