Big party in Vondelpark in Amsterdam

At the beginning of the evening a big party was celebrated in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Corona measures were not observed. Images on social media showed that hundreds of young people were partying closely together. Around 8:30 the rest slowly returned to the park.

The police were massively on their feet with vehicles and men and seemed ready to intervene. โ€œWe call on everyone to leave the party and go home. The police are going to interveneโ€, reported the municipality. As far as we know, the police did not have to act.

Police drove around 8:15 with about ten vans into the park. At the sight of the police vans, all the remaining revelers quickly left the premises. It is not known whether people have been arrested.

The municipality announced earlier Sunday that it was ‘too crowd’ in some places in the city. Attendees were asked to comply with the coronameasures.

Through a video on Facebook, the party was reported live, where hundreds of people gathered. The police have not intervened yet.

On Sunday afternoon a large group of protesters and recreators were already mixing on the Museumplein who came to enjoy the early spring day. After the demonstration against the coronameasures was disbanded on behalf of Mayor Femke Halsema, some of them moved to the Vondelpark.

Whoever made the live video said that a lot of people who are at the party are completely done with the lockdown. โ€œFemke Halsema measures with two sizes. The Museumplein will be wiped clean immediately, but we can already party in the Vondelpark for an hour without the police interveningโ€, it sounds like a comment. Around 7:30, about 3,000 people watched the live video.