Big turnout at demonstration for Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán in Budapest

Tens of thousands of Hungarians have expressed support for Prime Minister Orbán in the capital Budapest. Hungary today commemorated the rebellion against the Soviet Union of 1956, but the protesters were also about next year‘s elections.

They hope Orbán will be re-elected and opposed to his countercandidate, the partieless mayor Peter Márki-Zay. Opposition parties from left to far right united into one anti-Orbán front last year, as Hungary’s stepped district system gave the individual parties little chance of profit. In polls, that unified opposition list and Orbán‘s right-populist Fidez party have been neck-and-neck for months.

The protesters called anti-EU slogans because, in their view, Brussels has too much to say about immigration, for example:

Hungary, together with Poland, has often collided with the European Union in recent years, for example on LHBTI rights and media freedoms.

Prime Minister Orbán addressed the protesters at the end of the afternoon. Brussels treats us and the Poles as if we were an enemy… well, it’s time for them there to understand that even the Communists couldn‘t beat us, Orban said to cheering supporters, who waved the national flag.

Hungary’s new lhbti law regulates, among other things, a ban on what Orbán sees as gay promotion. It‘s about books and movies with a gay character, for example. Also, teachers are no longer allowed to discuss homosexuality with their students.

The law sounds a lot of criticism from Western European politicians, but Prime Minister Orbán himself says that the law provides protection for LHBTI’ers. The Hungarian ambassador to the Netherlands believes that Western Europe is forcing Hungary a post-national and post-Christian world.

There was also a demonstration of the opposition in Budapest. It attracted several thousand people.

Take a look back at the 1956 Hungarian Uprising here: