Biggest opponent Putin stops eating

The Aleksej Navalny probably isn‘t doing so well. The Russian is trapped in a penal camp. That’s a prison where you have to work. And since a week, Navalny doesn‘t want to eat anymore.

Stopping eating is a way to protest. Navalny thinks he’s being treated badly and wants a doctor from outside the prison camp to check him out. But this is not allowed from the camp. When his own doctor wanted to visit him, she was arrested.


Doctors, friends and relatives of Navalny think that his health is bad. Recently, he has become much lighter, has to cough a lot and has a fever. Still, they‘re not allowed to investigate him further to find out what he’s got.

According to the Russian government, there‘s not so much going on with Navalny. They say he’s being treated well at the hospital that belongs to the prison camp.