Bij1 files a complaint against Vice-President Tellegen for ‘uncivilized presidency’

Bij1 filed a complaint against Vice-President Tellegen of the House of Representatives for uncivilized presidency. Group Chairman Simons says she was offended and attacked by Tellegen in a debate on Monday. The complaint has been lodged with the Presidency, the executive board of the House. At1 calls on the board to train presidents in decent and impartial treatment of MPs.

In an emancipation debate, Simons got it on Monday with the chairman when she wanted to make a point of order. Simons felt intimidated by something PVV MP Beertema said outside the microphone. Simons wanted to say something about that, but chairman Tellegen gave the floor back to MP Van der Plas of the BBB. Simons said he felt unsafe and wanted Tellegen to intervention.

Tellegen, in turn, had not served Simons to speak while she was not getting it from her -the chairman- at that time. I‘ll give you the floor later, said Tellegen. She also indicated as chairman not being able to hear what’s happening outside the microphone.

When Simons insisted without her turn to want to make the point of order, Tellegen said: It‘s like a kindergarten here! Raising my four children at home is easier than leading this meeting! After that, Tellegen said to find a shame what the House showed to audience here and pointed out that speaking is always through the chairman. That’s how we‘ve been doing it here for years.

At1 believes that a chairman should be expected to lead a meeting impartial, decent, equal and just and that this did not happen on Monday. In a cover letter to the complaint, the party asks the Chamber of Parliament what steps can be taken to train the chairmen of debates in de-escalating tools that they can use.

According to Simons, it was precisely what happened indicates why it is important to continue fighting for an equal and just society. Precisely voters who feel represented by Bij1 saw in the eruption of Mrs Tellegen the marginalizing behaviors and expressions they encounter in their daily lives.


Monday’s quarrel comes after previous collisions in the House. The manners in debates seem to be rough. MPs must regularly be called to order by the chairman. Because there are harsh reproaches over and over again, or because sometimes it is spoken about outside the microphone. Recently, almost the entire Chamber fell about statements by the FvD MP Pepijn van Houwelingen, who threatened a Member of Parliament with tribunals due to the corona policy.

Chairman of the House of Representatives Bergkamp said that he wanted to talk to the parliamentary groups about the manners during debates.