Bill Burr on Gina Caranos firing: “These are crazy times”

Actor and comedian Bill Burr has spoken out in support of Gina Carano, who was fired by Lucasfilm after the scandal involving her social media posts. According to Burr, now has come a strange time when he himself has to follow his own words, as he is involved in the production of Mandalortz, where they played alongside Carano. And according to Burr, the actress was absolute charm and a ******* nice person.

He added that there is a craziness now, when almost anyone can take words out of context and achieve the abolition of a person and others consequences — in the spirit of stopping the production of figurines based on the character, which recently happened with the heroine Carano from Mandalorza. From Burr‘s point of view, it is unclear how to deal with such situations, since in fact anyone can destroy a person’s dream because of some nonsense — in the spirit of unfortunate comparison, which was partly the reason for the dismissal of the actress.

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