Bill Cosby free man after annulment verdict

Actor and comedian Bill Cosby was released from prison after the Supreme Judge in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania annulled his sexual abuse conviction. According to the court, mistakes have been made in the Cosby trial.

Shortly after the annulment, Cosby was released from prison in Skippack, Pennsylvania, and left for his home near the city of Philadelphia, where he arrived an hour later. He didnt say anything, but did make the sign of peace before entering his house with another man.

Process errors

The now 83-year-old TV personality was sentenced to at least three years in prison in September 2018 for drugging and sexually abusing a woman in his home in 2004.

He said hed rather spend ten years in prison than to regret the case. Cosby has always said that contact with the woman, Andrea Constand, took place with her consent. She denies that.

According to the court, there were two mistakes in the trial. Five other witnesses were admitted during the trial on the abuse accusation of Constand, and they were not allowed to do so, says the court. Those testimonials were about older cases, from the 70s.

Prosecutor Agreement

Cosby also had an agreement with a prosecutor that he would not be prosecuted. The actor had made a deal, which meant that he would testify in the civil case against him, but that he would no longer be prosecuted.

In the civil case, he was sentenced to pay $3 million. But in 2015 another prosecutor started a criminal case against Cosby, who was accused by dozens of women of sexual abuse. Cosbys trial was the first prominent trial in the #MeToo era that led to a conviction.


The prosecutor is still on appeal, but that must be done at the Federal Supreme Court in the capital Washington D.C. There are no more appeals in the state of Pennsylvania.

Cosby made a name in the 80s as Doctor Cliff Huxtable in The Cosby Show, which aired for eight seasons.