Bill Murray Grey Charmer

With a mixture of humour and melancholy, Bill Murray played perhaps his most beautiful role so far in Lost in translation (2003). In it, his character developed a warm friendship with Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson), who felt as uprooted as he was in a top hotel in Tokyo.

No wonder the actor was eager to work again with writer-director Sofia Coppola. She exploits his charm in On the rocks for a long time.

In Coppola‘s new film, Murray gives shape to an age-old bon vivant, who flirts with every woman. When daughter Laura (Rashida Jones) shares her doubts about the marriage of her husband Dean (Marlon Wayons) with him, father Felix is the first to throw oil on the fire. Because get to know such guys…

Sofia Coppola skilfully learns humor from uncomfortable silences, from the insecurity of Laura and from the smooth talk of Murray’s silver fox: graying, but still full of pranks. Without a doubt amusing, although the warmth of their previous collaboration lacks.

For example, Laura appeals to her father to his immaturity, after being carried away by him on an espionage mission to catch her other half. , โ€œYou used to be able to have fun with you,โ€ Felix then bites her into this comic drama. Sweet is different.