Biomutant authors will correct dialogues, narrator, fights, complexity, loot and enemies

The creators of Biomutant announced a fresh update โ€” it should come out โ€œsoon enough. โ€ Most likely, first it will appear on PC and after on consoles. The patch will fix bugs and make changes based on community requests.

At the same time, the developers announced work on fixing many controversial elements of the project, including: pace dialogs โ€” now they are too measured options for the narrator &mdash ; now its too annoying difficulty settings โ€” now the game is too simple options to disable special effects like depth of field and motion blur sounds โ€” now The balance of sound is broken (something too quiet, something too loud) battles – now there is not even a return from the blows gear behavior of enemies. Biomutant released on May 25 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

After many years of waiting, the game disappointed many – on average, it has 60 points from critics and players, and the record online on Steam quickly dropped quite quickly. By the weekend, there were only about 14-20 left of 55 thousand.

Usually on the first weekend interest in novelties at least persists, but Biomutant lost all enthusiasm. More on Gambling Adventure-Coloring Chicory: A Colorful Tale is released June 10 Natural Instincts goes into early access July 1 In Far Cry 6 try to avoid political sayings about Cuba.