Biomutant reviews to appear on May 24

The aggregator OpenCritic shared details of the embargo reviews Biomutant – it will end on May 24 at 18:00 Moscow time, a few hours before the release. Biomutant is an adventure action from the natives of the Just Cause and Mad Max team. The game was presented in 2017 with a plan to release a year later, but the public liked the concept so much that the project was allocated an additional budget and several more years of development.

As a result, a small team from Experiment 101 is just now preparing the game for release – hopefully, the additional three years of development have only benefited it. More on Igamania Looks like Interplay is preparing a remaster of Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance Publisher Elden Ring will appear on E3 2021s Eleven, Are You Listening? “— a new teaser of season 4 “Very Strange Affairs” was released.