BioShock author Ken Levine is being etched for supporting Gina Carano from “Mandalortz”

BioShock creator Ken Levine joined Gina Carano, fired by Lucasfilm for her scandalous posts in social networks. Carano ridiculed wearing coronavirus masks, and in the latest post compared Republicans in the U. S.

to Jews during the Holocaust. The actress has previously been criticised for transphobia and other scandalous remarks.

According to rumors, Disney was going to fire the actress after the first incident, and the last post was the final reason for this decision. Levin disapproved of such a move by the studio, noting that no benefit the Jewish people from Caranos dismissal would receive.

And in general to dismiss a person for stupid opinion, according to Levin, is simply wrong. At the same time, he did not even watch Mandalortz itself, but still resented the situation.

Network users, many of whom approved Disneys decision, began criticizing Levin for supporting the actress. On the forum Resetera generally opened a special topic, where many began to call for the cancellation of the author and taunt him, demonstrating their frustration.

Everything very quickly turned into a stream of insults towards Levin and the BioShock series, a new piece of which forum users are now urging not to wait too. Levin does not even take part in the work on him.

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