BioWare could release Mass Effect spin-off with cosmobitts and pirates

Former BioWare producer Mark Darra revealed that the studio once planned to create a spin-off Mass Effect for Nintendo DS. The first-person project was called Mass Effect: Corsair. Players would have flown their ship in a part of the galaxy not previously explored.

And local pirates were present there. According to the author, the game represented a mix of Privateer and Star Control, and the main character was more independent than Shepherd โ€” a kind of variation of Han Solo.

In the process of passing, it would be necessary to pick up different loads, study the galaxy, and transmit information to the Alliance. The craft could be studied, and space battles were present.

Apparently the action would have evolved in the Terminus Systems, where the Council and Alliance did not reach, and the crime rate was incredibly high. But the authors were just starting to come up with control of the ship, and the rest of the project didn‘t add up โ€” they were still trying to pick the right angle at which to continue Work.

Also, they were confused that the cartridges needed to play would cost $10. 5 each, whereas DS games themselves usually cost $30.

As a result, the authors concluded that the project is unrelevant โ€” EA predicted that only 50,000 copies could be sold. Ultimately, the Corsair team moved to mobile platforms where created a third person shooter Mass Effect Infiltrator for Android and iOS.

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