BioWare screenwriter tells why Mass Effect movie never came out

In 2010, Electronic Arts sold the rights to the film adaptation of Mass Effect to film company Legendary Pictures. BioWare co-founders Rey Muzika and Greg Zeschuk served as executive producers, and one of the series creators Casey Hudson. However, the picture never came out.

BioWare lead screenwriter Mac Walters spoke about the reasons in an interview with Business Insider. ‘It felt like we were always struggling with IP.

What story are we going to tell in 90 or 120 minutes? Will we give the series credit? — Mac Walters. According to Walters, later management changed at Legendary, leading to a desire to turn the adaptation into a TV series.

The producers decided it would be best to start over, but the project never got into production despite their efforts. However, Walters believes that some day the series will get an adaptation and that it goes naturally well with episodic content.

When we create Mass Effect, we have a framework in the form of a shared story that we want to tell, but each level or mission is like a separate episode. They are not written in advance.

They are written at the time we approach them. Later, they’re added to the main story, but sometimes the main story is corrected because we did something really cool in this episode, Mac Walters.

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