BioWare wanted to make a spin-off of Mass Effect about a lever โ€” like โ€œMandalorzaโ€

After the release of the first Mass Effect, BioWare came the idea to make a spin-off in a universe where the protagonist would be someone like a murderer โ€” neither a villain nor a hero. This is reported by the portal The Gamer. So the studio wanted to show the universe from the other side, where the protagonist was someone like Han Solo from โ€œStar Warsโ€.

The game wanted to be released in parallel with the trilogy, showing the effects of more global events at the micro level. โ€œI like the idea of showing the Mass Effect universe through the eyes of a grayer character, someone like a lever or a pirate.

Imagine exploring the Star Wars universe without a Jedi or Warhammer 40,000 without a Space Trooper. โ€ According to former BioWare veteran Dorian Keiken, on behalf of โ€œthe savior of the Galaxy & raquo; Shepard is impossible to show many of the nuances of the universe that are revealed through โ€œgrayโ€ characters.

โ€œThink about the story freedom in series like โ€œMandalortsaโ€ or โ€œFireflyโ€, which is possible thanks to the archetypes of the main characters. โ€ However, the game was abandoned even before the release of Mass Effect 2 as the studio was too busy with the sequel and the ambitious spin-off required too much work.

However, even now, Keiken would like to see a similar game by Mass Effect. Also, the specialist said that in 2015 for Mass Effect: Andromeda implemented an interesting prototype for moving around the universe – in fact, players personally piloted the ship, flying from planet to planet.

Keiken, who left BioWare before the release of โ€œAndromedaโ€, was unpleasantly surprised when in the final version of the project was much more familiar system from previous games series. However, as he notes, a lot of effort would have to be spent to implement such an idea.

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