Bird flu in Friesland, culling 90.000 chickens

Avian influenza has been detected at a poultry farm in Witmarsum. The 90,000 broilers on the farm are culled. Three other poultry holdings are located in the immediate vicinity of the infected holding. The NVWA investigates whether there is also avian flu.

It seems that in Witmarsum there is the variant H5N8. This type of avian flu is not harmful to humans, but it is very contagious to birds. And the avian flu quickly grabs around, reports Omrop Fryslรขn.

Yesterday it turned out that domestic ducks were contaminated in a park in Grouw. In the north of Friesland, more than a thousand wild birds have been recovered with avian flu. More than a week ago, three poultry farms in Friesland had to be disposed of. โ€œEvery day is exciting again,โ€ said Piet Faber of LTO-Nederland then. โ€œThen you step into the stable and then you look closely to see if theres a dead chicken. If so, the fright immediately beats you to your heart.โ€

Infection despite incursion duty

In addition to Friesland, infected wild birds have also been found in Utrecht, Zuid-Holland and Ameland. In Gelderland, several poultry farms have been cleared over the past few weeks because of the infectious virus.

In the Netherlands, commercial poultry farms are subject to a lifting obligation. According to Hennie de Haan, chairman of the Dutch Poultry Farmers Trade Union, it is often a mystery for poultry farmers how their chickens have become infected. โ€œAn infection can already be spread by rodents, for example, or by poop of wild birds near the ventilation.โ€