BitCraft procedural sandbox claimed as a new-look MMORPG

New independent studio Clockwork Labs, which employs Ubisoft and Kakao, has announced its debut project. This is an online BitCraft role-playing game with a procedurally generated open world that should set new canons of the genre. In BitCraft players will be able to create an anthropomorphic character and go to work as alone and with the help of the community to change the world.

The help of other players will be needed when building cities, but the choice of what to do is entirely up to us. The game will focus on hunting, crafts, agriculture, trade, and research.

BitCraft promises unparalleled freedom: there will be no need to follow patterns during character development, players will be able to choose any skill by creating their own stories. Players can already Apply to participate in BitCrafts early alpha test on the official website.

The game is originally supposed to be released on RS, and the creators have not reported anything about other platforms, as well as the release dates. More on Gamemania The Last Campfire authors No Mans Sky is released on Steam on October 7 Possible details of the new Wasteland authors game Trailer of a new RPG about ancient China have been revealed โ€” Wuchang: Fallen Feathers.