Bittersweet years at ‘best Cambuur ever’: ‘So many setbacks, even bizarre’

Erik Schouten says goodbye to SC Cambuur, after three sportively successful, but extremely eventful seasons. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Leeuwarders missed out on promotion in 2020, made it to the Eredivisie and actually made the left row at the highest level: at the same time, Foeke Booy, Henk de Jong and Pieter Bos were affected by physical distress.
Technical manager Booy was affected by a cerebral infarction, trainer De Jong found a cyst in his head: the two had to temporarily resign their functions. For goalkeeper Bos, however, it was definitely the end of the story, after he appeared to have heart problems. โ€œNot getting a PhD was, of course, a disappointment. But whatever happened in the club, with Foeke, but also with Henk and last with Pieter of course… We also had some boys with serious injuries, but then you can fill in what gradation that is worse. No matter how many setbacks we have had in these three years, that is also bizarreโ€, says Schouten opposite the club channels.
De Jong was unable to finish the previous season, but seems to be able to pick up the thread again and Schouten is pleased to do that. โ€œI say it more often: it deserves a statue here. I just think he‘s going to get it here in the future,โ€ said the central defender. โ€œHenk is special. How he has kept everyone together for the past three years โ€” not just the team, but also the staff โ€” and everyone had a good time and guys who didn’t play were happy. I don‘t think I’m going to experience that anywhere else. Henk was so good at that, people person.โ€
โ€œThe best Cambuur everโ€ During the periods in which De Jong dropped out, Cambuur came in. โ€œOf course, I don‘t want to say that that’s the reason it went a little less, but you miss Henk in that, of course. That came in like a blow. But also with Foeke and Pieter now, that‘s what comes in with a group. You work with each other for so long, we’ve been a tight-knit group, still. When such things happen, you also realize that football is less important. You just don‘t want such things to anyone.โ€
In the meantime, Schouten has decided to leave for Willem II. What remains are the memories of the personal suffering of Booy, De Jong and Bos, but also of the sporting successes. โ€œSpecial, great time, great group. It was fantastic for three years, you won’
t experience that often anymoreโ€, he takes stock. โ€œThey are no longer taking this away from us. People sometimes say: you‘re part of the best Cambuur ever. You don’t fully realize that yourself, but I hope for the club that in five or ten years there will be an even better Cambuur.โ€