Black and white ‘Justice League’ will really see the light

Zack Snyder confirmed that a black-and-white version of his Justice League would indeed see the light. According to the director, this version of the film for him is the most favorite. He understands that people want to see the tape in color, but for the director of Grey the version of the tape became as complete as possible.

Its release should take place on HBO Max, but when this happens is unclear, but it is unlikely to expect it to appear before the release of the first color version of the film. The League is scheduled to premiere on HBO Max and other digital services on March 18.

In addition, as part of the IGN festival, the director presented a new extract of the tape dedicated to the creation of Mother‘s Boxes, which is also hunted by the villain of the ribbon. More on Gambling Sony doubted Tom Holland’s choice for the role of Spider-Man Hands from Shoulders.

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