Black ballerina receives 16,000 euros after racism complaint against Berliner Staatsballett

The black ballerina Chloé Lopes Gomes receives 16,000 euros from the prestigious Berliner Staatsballett after a complaint about racism. Her contract is also renewed. The case has been settled out of court.

She fought her resignation that she had received in October last year. According to the organization because of corona, but she didnt believe it.

In Instagram, she calls the compensation a small victory, but a big step for the ballet world. After eight months of fighting, we have finally found a compromise, even though it is sad that we have experienced all of this, she writes.

I realized that even when I was afraid of the consequences, pronouncing me was the best thing to do. I encourage everyone to break the silence. And thank you again for all the support.

Gomes, a French with an Algerian and Cape Verdean background, complained that she was regularly told that she did not fit in the company because of her complexion. She said that she should regularly paint her face white, so that she would merge into the group.

She was the first black ballerina of the Staatsballett in 2018. According to her, her ballet mistress said that her skin color was not aesthetically pleasing and that she was only hired to show that the company has one.

Code of Conduct

The director of the State Ballett said earlier that the accusations of racism caused her great sorrow. She then announced that there will be a code of conduct for the Staatsballett containing an anti-discrimination clause.

Workshops for all staff were held in January to raise awareness of diversity and discrimination. The organisation promised to work towards a culture of openness to tackle the problem of racism.

In this report from last year, Gomes tells us what happened to her: