Black Book, The Light of the Darkness, Hunt the Night: what featured on Guerrilla Collective

For the second year in a row, E3 hosts the Guerrilla Collective: an online gaming festival of independent studios and publishing houses. During the current show, Innersloth, TinyBuild, 505 Games, Versus Evil and many others. Aragami 2 is a third-person stealth action movie in which our main character โ€” an assassin who knows how to control shadows.

The new trailer showed how he is able to crack down on enemies. The game will be released on 17 September.

During the show, the Firegirl trailer premiered. As a fire-girl, we have to rescue survivors, improve our base and fight fire in a wide variety of conditions.

In Batora: Lost Haven two-stick shooter, we have to solve spatial puzzles, undergo mystic trials and shape the plot using a karma system. Grimes adventure role-playing action with merciless fights and mutating weapons is released this year.

The game can already be added to the wishful list on Steam. bpm: Bullets Per Minute is coming out this year on Xbox and Playstation.

On RS, the game appeared last year and became a hit. This is a rhythmic first-person shooter with bagalica elements.

In Akatori adventure platformer. In Akatori, we have to help girl Mako save the world by switching between two parallel dimensions.

No Longer Home will talk about the lives of two friends, Bo and Ao, and how irresistible circumstances interfere with everything they have so hard to build. Black Book, a Russian role-playing game based on Slavic folsklor, has a new trailer featuring card battles and plot inserts.

And heres the release date it still hasnt got it. In the Demons Mirror card bagel, we have to deal with the creepiest nightmares.

The game is out in 2022. Neverwinter MMO will soon have a new class, Bard.

Kitsune Tails, the sequel to the popular Super Bernie World, will release on Nintendo Switch. The game is already available on RS and PlayStation.

Loot River gameplay was shown again during the show. But this time literally: developers demonstrated how to control the hero from the Xbox.

K popular action film Ghostrunner announced a box edition. Nintendo Switch owners will be able to buy it on June 30, but for now only in North America.

Metroidvania The Light of the Darkness, inspired by classic games Castlevania and Legacy of Kain, is out in 2022. Slime Heroes is a cooperative role-playing adventure in which we can save the world with friends as Slugs.

Demon Turf is out on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Pixel Action Arietta of Spirits is out this year on RS and consoles.

Unmetal is a two-dimensional stealth fighter where we need to escape from an enemy military base. Developers assure it will be funny.

Check out now: a demo version is available on Steam. In Wolfstride, we are going to take part in a battle tournament involving huge fur.

And in order to assemble your own robot and improve it, youll have totake any dirty work. Severed Steel is a first-person shooter in which our heroine has just one hand.

But that doesnt stop her from performing puzzle stunts. Sables authors showed a beautiful trailer for the future adventure to a melodic soundtrack.

The game is out September 23 on RS and Xbox. Sable from Shedworks is coming September 23rDare you ready to sail the dunes? Wishlist today: https://t.

co/fQ61KhjnWHPlay the demo next week pic. twitter.

com/ix17UCXA1Lโ€” Raw Fury Backbone NOW AVAILABLE (@RawFury) June 12, 2021The official trailer for gothic role-playing action film Hunt the Night was shown during the show.

In Arcade Paradises adventure manager strategy, we have to manage the family laundry, all the power to turn it into an arcade room. its creators are very brief.

Here, in the video, you can look at how mafia cleaners are doing their job. White Shadows is a modern tale in which a girl tries to escape the city but is waiting on her way death traps and mad trials.

For Raji: An Ancient Epic is preparing an improved edition with new missions, Hindi voiceover and reworked gameplay. It will come out in the fourth quarter.

Despots Game is a tactical post-apocalyptic bagel in which we gather in an underground hideout of miserable people to clump army. Death Trash connects old school gameplay with modern freedom and spectacular dynamism.

In the game, we get into a post-apocalyptic world in which alien monsters hunt humans. But they are opposed by punks with shotguns.

Potion Craft is an alchemist simulator stylized to ancient manuscripts. In Rawmen we will be allowed to play with and even fight with food as much as we want.

During the show, the developers talked about the new modes. TinyBuild recalled the imminent release of Happys Humble Burger Farm.

Then the publisher unveiled a new Hello Neighbor trailer 2, a continuation of the childrens loved cooperative horror. Trash Sailors told us what dangers await us in the garbage sea and why they should protect the raft, our only home.

The games creators told about what is being prepared for the worshippers of Among Us. ๏ธ The Among Us Roadmap ๏ธ whats next for us?? here are just a few of our future plans:15 players & new colors – Tan, Maroon, Gray, Rose, Banana, Coralmap 5achievementsnew roles & ways to playvisor cosmeticsmore?! link to all info in the thread โค๏ธ pic.

twitter. com/FRBJD15GISโ€” Among Us (