Black Desert authors are working on PS5 and Xbox Series versions of the game

Studio Pearl Abyss has been busy porting its popular Black Desert MMORPG to the PS5 and Xbox Series. So far, the authors are not talking about the release date, but hinting that the game will not be released anytime soon. Why havent you moved before? According to the developers, for a long time they prioritized working on optimizing Black Desert on PS4 and Xbox One.

After hearing the requests of fans, Pearl Abyss finally decided to pursue a version for new consoles. The update, by the way, will be free.

The studio is also continuing work on Crimson Desert, a full-fledged RPG that was recently postponed indefinitely. More on Gamemania Ships and Resources โ€” New Details of Skull & Bones Unpacking Meditative Jigsaw Puzzle Unpacking will be released on November 2nd Dune& Ticket Pre-Sales raquo; set a record in Russia.