Black Forest Gives Event at The Elder Scrolls Online starts on September 30

For fans of The Elder Scrolls Online, get ready โ€” The Black Forest Givings will begin on September 30 at 17:00 GMT, ending Tuesday, October 12 at 5:00 p. m. MSK.

Players will be able to earn the Black Forest Ranger achievement with various rewards. You will have to visit six locations in the area, and you can watch the progress of the community with a special scale.

tell during the broadcast, October 1 at 23:00 UTC. Players will receive Black Forest Legate Chests every day โ€” for killing bosses, closing Oblivion portals, collecting materials, and other quests.

Rewards will also be awarded for completing Stone Grow quests. In addition, two event tickets will be available for the first daily quest โ€” 26 tickets can be purchased.

From the Event Merchant, players will be able to get a number of useful items, such as fragments to transform your unstable morpholith into a new riding animal. More on Gamemania On Steam you can pick up the first and second Syberia for free Fans participated in an interactive story on Dying Light 2 โ€” Media Results: In Development ‘Babylon 5’ relaunch for The CW.