Black man in Ohio dragged out of car, calls several times hes paralyzed

Police in the American city of Dayton are investigating an incident in which a black man was dragged from a car by a cop by his hair. The man, the driver of the car, repeatedly shouted that he was paralyzed and couldn‘t get off himself.

The mayor calls the footage captured with the bodycam of one of the officers very worrying. Human rights organisations have also reacted indignantly to the incident that took place at the end of September.

See the bodycam footage shared by the police here. After more than two minutes, the situation escalates:

The footage shows that the man, 39-year-old Clifford Owensby, is ordered to get out, saying he cannot do so on his own. There’s an altercation between a cop and Owensby, who doesn‘t want the policeman to touch him. Owensby explains to the cop that he has a spinal cord injury. He ends up calling friends and asking them for help.

He also wants the officers to bring their chief in. โ€œI’m going to pull you out of the car first and then I‘ll call my boss,โ€ says one of them. He continues: โ€œYou can cooperate and get out of the car, or I’ll drag you out of the car. That‘s the two options.โ€

One of the cops eventually pulls Owensby out of the car in order to search the vehicle for drugs. The man is pushed to the ground and handcuffed while screaming for help.


Owensby was apprehended after driving away from a suspected drug property. No drugs were found in his car, but a large amount of cash were found, police say. He has not been charged. A joystick can be seen in his car, which can be used to drive a car.

Owensby himself filed a complaint. He described the arrest as โ€œinhumanโ€, CNN said. A police officer union has defended the officer’s conduct; according to the union, he did nothing wrong.

George Floyd

Police brutality against black civilians in the United States has been receiving a lot of attention since George Floyd‘s death. Floyd passed away in May after a heavy-handed arrest in Minneapolis last year. A cop pushed his knee on Floyd’s neck for minutes.


recent years, more black boys and men in the US have been killed by excessive police brutality, such as Eric Garner. The New Yorker died in 2014 after a banned stranglehold by a cop