Black Ops Cold War multiplayer will add an Express card from Black Ops II

Publishing house Activision shared details of the already released and upcoming updates as part of the first season of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The new weapon is the Wakizashi sword (already available). Operative Zeyna (January 21).

Sanatorium multiplayer card for Fireteam mode (already available). Express multiplayer card from Black Ops II for mode 6 on 6 (February 4).

Dropkick multiplayer mode (already available). Two teams of 6 players each battle for control of a nuclear suitcase.

Snipers Only Moshpit multiplayer mode (release date unknown). Two teams of 6 players each fight in Team Deathmatch and Domination on sniper rifles.

Variation of Endurance multiplayer mode (release date unknown). Ten squads of 4 players in each fight on Alpine, Ruka and Sanatorium cards, collecting uranium and bombs.

However, after the explosion of one bomb, it takes a new place. The points limit will be doubled to a thousand.

Cranked mode for โ€œZombiesโ€. Killing the undead adds time to the timer before players die.

Raid cards (already available) and Express (February 4) for Onslaught mode (PS4 and PS5 only) for โ€œZombiesโ€. Firebase Z card (February 4) for โ€œZombiesโ€ .

To celebrate the sequel to the first season, at Black Ops Cold War and Warzone staged a period of doubled weapons experience that will end on January 19. In the โ€œZombieโ€ mode, in turn, you can play for free up to 21 of the number.

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