Black Pieten ring at home Akwasi, politicians outraged

On Twitter a video was published by a pro-blackened group in which two men dressed as Zwarte Piet, they say they ring the bell at the house of Akwasi. Why the men of the Black Pete Action Group ring the doorbell precisely is not clear. There is no opening, on which the person filming says: โ€œLeave the sack of Zwarte Piet.โ€ Political reactions are outraged.

โ€œ We are standing here at the house of Akwasi and we are going to see if he is home,โ€ says one of the piets before he rings the bell. Whether it really concerns the house of the rapper and fierce opponent of Zwarte Piet, is not confirmed.

Out of the picture, an unknown man calls on the Black Pites to stop. โ€œGet out of here, guys, this is childish,โ€ he says. โ€œBe normal for a moment, just someone lives here.โ€

Akwasi did not respond in substance to the incident. In a written reply, he says: โ€œI have seen it, of course, but I do not have much to say about this. Im working on beautiful, positive things, like Broadcasting BLACK.โ€

Jetten: Pure harassment

The video leads to outrage on Twitter, including from politics. Among other things, the chairman of the D66 Group Jetten calls it pure harassment. Attje Kuiken (PvdA) and Jesse Klaver (GroenLinks) also find that a border is crossed. โ€œStop this, this really can not be doneโ€, tweets Klaver.

Jetten himself had to deal with an unannounced visit to his private address in October. Five members of farmers protest organization Farmers Defence Force called him when he was quarantined at home after being tested positively for corona. They came to bring a food package, which allowed the D66 to pass his quarantine time.

Jetten found the visit inappropriate, but did not perceive it as threatening. โ€œFar from it. These farmers had no harm in the sense,โ€ he wrote on Facebook. โ€œYet I also received some inconvenience. I think, however nicely the gesture is meant, that action groups should not visit politicians at home.โ€

Insitious statements Akwasi

Akwasi came into conflict in June when he spoke fiercely against Zwarte Piet at an anti-racial monstration in Amsterdam. โ€œAt the moment I see a Zwarte Piet in November, I personally kick him on his faceโ€, said Akwasi among other things. The Public Prosecutors Office ruled that this ruling was inflammatory and thus punishable. The rapper publicly distanced himself from his words and thus the case was dismissed.

In September Akwasi was again in the news because of Zwarte Piet, then because old tweets from 2011 and 2012 came up. He tweeted at that time, among other things: โ€œZwarte Piet must die man. Seriously. #huurmoord and โ€œWhat do I lure if I kill a black man?โ€ He distanged the old tweets and deleted his account.

In the context of privacy, DeccEit has chosen not to publish the images.