Blaswich (Heracles): ‘We supported the affected family, on behalf of the team’

Heracles Almelo‘s roster was confronted this week with the car accident in which teammate Rai Vloet appeared to be involved, but has closed lines against Fortuna Sittard. Goalkeeper Janis Blaswich responds after the 3-1 blew full relief and has several reasons for this.
Hacked the incident with Vloet and the death of the four-year-old victim, assures Blaswich in conversation with ESPN. โ€œIt was a tough time for us. We have expressed our support to the family that has been affected, from the heart of the entire team.โ€
The captain finds that Heracles struggled to pick up the thread again against Fortuna. After the early 1-0 of Ismail Azzaoui, it became flat at lightning speed, after an error of judgment by Blaswich himself. โ€œThe start of the game was difficult, very wild. My input too… But I’
m glad we still turned it around and that the three points stay at home.โ€
As a result, Heracles has ended a tough week with an uplift. โ€œThat was certainly difficult,โ€ Blaswich responds when asked. โ€œBut we talked to the team about it together, processed everything well. Communication is then very important. I think we did that well.โ€