Bleeding Alistair Overeem goes knockout in Las Vegas

For MMA fighter Alistair Overeem, his UFC battle with the Russian Alxeander Volkov has turned out to be a sof. The Dutchman went knockout in the second round.

The defeat in Las Vegas made a new title fight for Overeem further out of the picture. The England-born fighter would love to take another shot at the title in the heavyweight, but its not there for the time being. And it is only a question whether Overeem, who blows out 41 candles in May, is still up to that at all.

Overeem, who recently stated that he did not want to quit, had a very difficult situation with the 32-year-old Russian. He got some hits from the over two meters long Volkov. After two minutes and six seconds in the second round, he went to the ground bleeding.

Check out the fight below: